Microstar, Inc.
Microstar, Inc.: Advanced Antenna Systems

Microstar Inc. specializes in the design and development of antennas and associated microwave components, for both radar and communications applications.

The radar antennas are typically composite or spun aluminum reflectors with three-channel monopulse feed systems. The Cassegrain type antennas have an eight-horn feed system for low difference-channel sidelobes, with a subreflector supported by a conical radome in a monopod configuration for high dynamic applications. For smaller antenna sizes an apex-fed configuration is used.

The communications antennas are typically reflectors fed by dual-polarized high-performance feeds. Included are antennas with full waveguide bandwidth, and antennas with extremely high polarization isolation.

In addition to what you'll find in the products section, Microstar custom designs radar and communications antennas for spaceborne as well as terrestrial use.

At Microstar we maintain our own independent antenna test range, capable of making high precision measurements on antennas up to sixteen feet in diameter. On a previous program, the range reflections were shown to be below -70 dB, and the range cross-polarization error was shown to be below -65 dB.

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